Bandung is known for its nice climate (around 16 – 28oC) and over many years have built the reputation as one of the major cities that host best universities in Indonesia.

Tens of thousands students from all parts of the country and abroad constitute an important part of the three million people living in the city. The large number of university students in Bandung increases the opportunity to build lifelong social and business networks.

Students, especially who are studying Information and Communication Technology, also find the city appealing as there are plenty of opportunities to do internships with some of the biggest corporations in the industry whose headquarters based in the city e.g PT Telkom, PT Inti, PT LEN, PT KAI, PT Pos Indonesia, Bandung Digital Valley. As a ‘student city’, Bandung has a complete range of students related services such as housing, transportation and many others at affordable costs.
The city’s atmosphere is generally deemed as relatively safer and conducive compared to that of other metropolitan cities in Indonesia, including from the spiritual growth point of view. In Bandung, Christian students can actively participate in many students fellowships and spiritual activities such as the Navigators, Sion, Perkantas, LPMI, and others.

A wide range of student housing options are available in Bandung : apartments, rooms for rent, houses, etc. Most students from other cities rent rooms (‘kost’) that are payable on a monthly/yearly basis. Some landlords only rent rooms to a certain gender type.
Rental (including utilities) starts from Rp. 500.000, -/month up to more than Rp.2.000.000,-/month depending on the location and facilities. Standard rooms generally include a bed, a desk, a chair, an a cupboard. There could be extra utility charges for electric appliances such as TV and TV cable, internet connection, computer, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc. Some rental rates already include laundry services. Students can also opt for independent laundry services that charged by weight.
Those who prefer house rental can find a two-bedroom house for around Rp. 10 million/year (price depends on the location and condition). Apartment studios are also available from around Rp. 2.5 million/month.
For more housing information please contact our Student Care Unit. The unit regularly visits and evaluates housing facilities around the campus and would provide housing recommendations based on first hand assessment.

ITHB is strategically located on Jl. Dipatiukur, which is connected/very close to Bandung’s main roads, Jl. Ir.H.Juanda (Dago) and Jl. Merdeka. There are several bookstores, foodcourts, restaurants, convenient stores, ATM’s, banks, gas stations, hospitals, fashion factory outlets, shopping centers conveniently located around campus. Most of them are within walking distance or at most five-minutes drive from the campus. The campus is also accessible by many routes of public transportation (buses and mini buses).

Restaurants and Café

ITHB campus has a foodcourt, on the campus 5th floor, which provides a wide range of menu items at affordable prices. Students can also find many canteen, restaurants and cafes around the campus offering Sundanese, Javanese, Padang, Chinese, Japanese, and European food.