Firms around the world have never ceased to try to better understand their people. Most executives would agree that professionals in key positions are not merely substitutable resources. It is by such notion that the concept of Human Resource Management (HRM) has over the years been transforming into Human Capital Management (HCM), an approach that is more relevant in a more global, connected, and knowledge-based economy.

Despite the renewed understanding, managers practicing HCM know too well that it is very difficult to recruit and develop professionals who will become a firm’s true asset, those, who by definition, will create value in the long run. To become a differentiated and value-creating asset, each person in the firm must have the right qualification, proven competence, excellent character, and commitment to make a difference.

Harapan Bangsa Career Resource Center is committed not only to produce such human capital, but also to help companies find the talents in a way that is as efficient as possible. If you are interested in hiring our graduates, you can post a job opportunity here, or hold an on-campus recruitment event.

We also try to understand why some of the world’s best companies have been recruiting our graduates. Here are 8 main reasons that they often cited in our interviews

1Relevant Competence

Curriculum that has designed using input from industry practitioners.

5Communication Skills

Verbal communication and presentation training by CRC.

2Up-to-date knowledge

Periodically curriculum update to accommodate the science and technology development.

6Professionalism and Work Ethics

Career preparation training and work ethic development by CRC.

3Sensitivity to Business Needs

Emphasis on practical aspects and business processes in all courses, including case studies.


Development of responsibilities, the mentality of a high achiever, goal orientation through Certiplus.

4International Professional certification (SAP, Oracle, Cisco, etc.)

Global professional certification that required by students.


Spiritual growth program as the foundation of the true integrity.


If your company wishes to follow other multinational corporations that have repeatedly come to us to employ our graduates, please contact our Career Resource Center (crc@ithb.ac.id) to implement one or more of the following cost-effective human capital strategies :

  • on campus recruitment
  • off campus recruitment
  • job vacancy publication
  • industry or company presentation
  • resume pre-screening and recommendation by CRC
  • selection through resume book containing our best final year students

All of the above services are available for free. We are happy to help you as much as we love to help our students and communities.

Below is the list of some Job Opportunities for Harapan Bangsa Graduates and Final Years Students. If your firm would like to recruit our graduates and post vacancies here, please contact our Career Resource Center.

These vacancies are open only for ITHB alumni and students

Recruiting Our Graduates