Center for Supply Chain Information System (COSIS) is a division at ITHB under Harapan Bangsa Center for Research and Community Development (HB-CRCD). COSIS was established on 14 April 2014 to answer needs for small and medium enterprises in supply chain management (SCM) application using SCM Information System.

Vision of COSIS:

  • To provide solution in supply chain management application to small and medium enterprises using SCM information system.

Mission of COSIS:

  • Do research about application and needs of SCM in small and medium enterprises.
  • Develop SCM information system that can be used by small and medium enterprises.
  • Provide SCM implementation solution to small and medium enterprises.
Nationally, the condition of Indonesia’s logistics system is still far behind compared to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. In 2010, the World Bank put Indonesia’s logistics performance at position 75, declining from position 43 in 2007. This situation is exacerbated by a lack of policies that regulate the development of the national logistics system. After all, the national policy is issued by the government in 2012 under Regulation PP No. 26 Year 2012 about the Blueprint of the Indonesian National Logistics System (Sislognas) Development.
In that blueprint, there are six key drivers being appointed for Sislognas, i.e.,:
  1. Commodities Prime Mover
  2. Users and Logistics Service Providers
  3. Information and Communication Technology
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Transportation Infrastructure
  6. Regulations, Rules, and Legislations

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the key drivers for Sislognas. This means that effective and efficient logistics processes would not be able to perform without an ICT supported logistics system. One application of ICT in the logistics process is the use of supply chain management information system in the entire logistics process chain.

By and large, many companies have started using information systems in their operation. However, the scope in which the information systems being used still limited to the accounting process only. Although some companies have began to expand the scope of this information systems usage by integrating several logistics processes using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, the amount is still low and only big companies are able to use it. Small and medium enterprises (SME), especially in West Java, basically are still using manual systems to manage their logistics processes.

Observing this need, ITHB as one of the universites which have advantages in the field of information technology feel compelled to do something. This is the background of the establishment of COSIS. COSIS is looking forward to identify the logistics needs of SMEs and provide solutions to address those needs.

Since January 2014, several studies have been initiated to identify the logistics needs of SMEs in West Java. Starting at September 2014, COSIS have been developing SCM Information Systems for Warehouse Management module. Within two years, a complete SCM Information Systems for small and medium-scale industries is expected to be completed and begin to be implemented.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • CM Information System for small and mediums sized companies
  • Fleet Management System development at PT. Patria Maritime Line
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40132, West Java, Indonesia
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