Each day, we keep getting improvement feedback as well as encouraging comments from our graduates. Please read through some of the statements to understand the alumni’s perspectives.

Simon Anderson Hutauruk, ST.

Information Technology Graduate, 2015

IT Operating System Support (Multilingual Help Desk), ISFnet, Japan – is a multinational integrated IT services company based in Tokyo, Japan

“The state-of-the-art IT sciences taught at ITHB and the problem solving skills I acquired from ITHB’s Career Resource Center (CRC) have pushed me to a level above the performance standards at the company I currently work for.

My Japanese and English skills are, I believe, a bridge that connects our multilingual customers and technical team; an indispensable troubleshooting tool.”

Evangeline Riyana , ST.

Informatics Engineering Graduate, 2014

Bank Central Asia (BCA) Jakarta IT Data Warehouse – Indonesian largest private bank for almost 60 years.

“ITHB helped me explore my self-potentials in such a way that I become more confident about professional competition at work. Not only did ITHB’s CRC prepare me to enter the working world, but it also introduced me to BCA (one if Indonesia’s leading banks).

Ferdinand Andre Ginting Munthe, ST.

Informatics Engineering Graduate, 2006

Staff Member at the Indonesian Ministry of Finance.
2014 SPIRIT Scholarship Awardee, Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP).
Obtained M.Sc. In Advanced Design Informatics, The University of Edinburgh.

“I was awarded as one of the Best Performing Employees at the Ministry of Finance in 2012.
My academic supervisor at ITHB gave me lots of information about different scholarship schemes, and because of that, I was able to continue my education in UK.”

Ryan Wolfred Sado, ST.

Informatics Engineering Graduate, 2014

Quality Assurance at Kios Untuk Dagang Online (KUDO), an E-commerce company that connects digital retailers such as Lazada Indonesia, Bukalapak, and Berrybenka to potential consumers who have no internet access, bank account, or credit card.

At ITHB I learned about character building and achieving life goals, which I found very useful when I started working. I once fell deeply into despair when my GPA dropped to a level below 2.00. I had to repeat Algorithm four times. But I was saved by ITHB’s spiritual program. The program rekindled my spirit and finally I was able to graduate on time.”

Ladies Helly Novita Rantung, SE.

Management Graduate, 2012

Project Management Officer at Accenture (the world’s biggest IT Consulting Company) for a project in Malaysia

Business owner: Torang Samua Basudara Clothing, Manado.

The strong mental and character education I received from ITHB and the support of the ITHB alumni network at Accenture shaped me into a more confident and independent person. In the alumni network, we build a solid sense as a big family. We help each other. ITHB alumni are well known as hard workers and convincing business presenters. It is these traits that make ITHB graduates welcomed and appreciated at Accenture.

Sweetly Liani Makasend, SE.

Accounting Graduate, 2011

Finance & Accounting officer  – PT Sighohoku Indonesia — subsidiary of PT Duta Anugrah Damai Sejahtera, a contracting company.

In the professional world, we are often demanded to finish a job we have had no knowledge about before. Not everyone is willing and ready to learn new things given a very short time. But it all doesn’t matter for us because at ITHB we used to learn new things the fast way. It taught us about quick problem solving at work. The courses I took, including the ITHB Microsoft training and SAP certification, are very useful for my work now.

Jeremy Gunawan, ST.

Informatics Engineering Graduate, 2016

Backend Developer, 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency – award winning digital agency based in Singapore & Bandung that specializes in design, website development, SMM, SEM, SEO, Marketing Automation & CRO.

“2 Stallions is a good company to start because we learn to involve in international surroundings. And I feel blessed because studied at ITHB has given me a lot of learning experiences like presentation and communication skills that support me at my work in an International Company.”

Sheryl Lemuel Winata, S.Ds.

Visual Communication Design Graduate, 2014

UI/ UX Designer, – an online trading company, based in Euro and USA zone. was awarded as The Best Binary Option Broker 2017 by Online Personal Wealth Awards in UK.

“Everything that I learned in ITHB has sharpened my competence to work with international company and its clients. Learned many skills such as advertising, branding, animation, and video editing in ITHB makes me highly recognized in market place.”

Vitalis Paskalis Pyoh, ST.

Industrial Engineering Graduate, 2008

KPMG Group UK (Birmingham and London) Strategy Advisor, 2010-2014; KPMG Singapore Global Sales and Markets Advisor; KPMG Group Indonesia Strategy Advisor 2014-today. KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler) is a Holland-based, world’s top four accounting firm.


“The company once assigned me to manage a corporate responsibility program in Budapest and a number of Eastern European countries to redevelop Kathmandu, Nepal, after the 2015 quake. Some of the donation funds raised through KPMG UK’s CSR program were also distributed to Bhutan and other regions around Tibet.”

Karinka Priskila Tehupeiory,ST.

Industrial Engineering Graduate, 2014

Quality Assurance, PT Aprisma Indonesia – a subsidiary company of  German Wirecard Group,  one of the world’s leading independent providers for electronic payment transactions.

“I feel thankful. ITHB shaped me to become a person of integrity. One who performs satisfactorily and excellently even under the least supervision.”

Chendra, ST.

Information System Graduate, 2013

Business Analyst,PT Indomarco Prismatama – one of Indonesian largest retailers.

“ITHB is where ‘fast learners’ are born and forged into perseverant, hard-working people who also have strong faith in prayers in times of challenges.”

Agus Hermawan, SE.

Accounting Graduate, 2014

Internal Auditor, PT Bank Central Asia – Indonesian largest private bank for almost 60 years.

“Teamwork is a culture nurtured at ITHB that I still cling to today. It is a culture that has taught me to communicate better and finish every project together with my team mates.”

Risyad Sungkar, ST

Electronics Engineering Graduate, 2011

Asc. IS Analyst, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk – the leading tobacco companies in Indonesia, an affiliate of PT Philip Morris Indonesia and part of Philip Morris International Inc.

“This is ITHB for me: Global excellence! Local graduates with international quality.”

Andi Hermawantiandi, S.Ds.

Visual Communication Design Graduate, 2007

Store Manager, ACE Hardware – one of the largest hardware store chains in the world.

“The ITHB campus taught me not only ‘how to get a job’  but also put an emphasis on ‘how to live’. As far as I am concerned, that is quite different from what is being taught in other campuses.”

Ronal Hartandi Kriswandhani, S.Ds.

Visual Communication Design Graduate, 2012

Graphic Designer, PT Agung Wahana Indonesia – one of the leading property companies in Indonesia.

“At DKV ITHB, the subjects we studied included advertising, multimedia, and animation. The competence I have now at work was intially developed in those classes.”

Jekky L.B Sagala, ST.

Information System Graduate, 2012

Materialman, Teras Offshore Pte Ltd – a marine logistics and support services company based in Singapore.

“ITHB not only transformed me into an intellectual person, but also brought my personality to maturity. The basketball extracurricular activity that I joined has significantly developed my soft skills, which prove to be valuable where I work now.”

Marko Suswanto, ST.

Informatics Engineering Graduate, 2008

Managing Director, INGRC Consulting Group – a fast growing consulting firm in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) areas.

“When I was still working for Ernst and Young, I got a double promotion, all within a very short period. After working for only six months, I was promoted to a senior level and in the following year, I became an Assistant Manager. Now I run my own consulting company: INGRC Consulting Group. We have been entrusted to implement an enterprise management system in a state-owned company that provides the largest port services in Indonesia.”

Gde Mahardikha, ST.

Information System Graduate, 2009

Senior Engineer, Ice House Pte. Ltd – a mobile application developer, who became the  first Google certified agency in South East Asia.

“My biggest challenge ever is to maintain a professional attitude when dealing with people of different cultures. At ITHB we learned not only about theories and knowhow, but also about attitude. Our lecturers always reminded us: Knowledge is not everything! We must adapt well in all work situations.”

Michael A. Y. Tobing, ST.

Information System, 2011

We successfully secured a huge project tender (SAP) for the Indonesian biggest coal mining company. As the project leader, I was humbled that our company PT. Anabatic Technologies could get through the process with dignity

Hesalonika .F, SE.

Accounting, 2011

Looking at my accounting background, it was such a phenomenal opportunity to have had the chance to become a software developer and joined the Application Team, for a big company like Accenture. It was arguably a great success stint


Elsya Fhani, ST.

Informatics Engineering, 2006

Through ITHB Career Resource Center, I received ORACLE and SAP certificates that added my value to be accepted at Accenture Malaysia, even before I graduated

Edward King, ST.

Informatics Engineering, 2011

An eight months successfull project in Singapore has brought a large sum of profit to  JATIS, a company where I am working at. Following that result, the company was able to land another project


Ivan, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2006

I witness how great companies make all the efforts to recruit ITHB graduates. I believe this is because we have excellent competence as well as strong character

Anthony Riady Mustakin, ST.

Information System, 2006

With the SAP Certificate from ITHB, I could work on a project in Vietnam

Marissa Sitanggang, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2009

Now I am on a giant SAP international oil and gas project. Thank you ITHB for giving me a chance to learn about SAP

Monica Anastasia, S.Ds.

Visual Communication Design, 2006

Build my own company and able to support my own life, and more important is to bring life to another, with all kind of jobs my company provided

Imelda Andriany, S.Ds.

Visual Communication Design, 2006

I am helping many international branded goods, to grow and keep on expanding

Frisca Ruth Stevani, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2013

ITHB has helped and prepared me to be graduates who can compete in the international market

Felicia Guyadi, BBus (hons).

Art & Design, 2013

CRC helped equip me in things that are needed in the areas of future work, such as creating a CV, presentation and interview skills in the workplace

Silvanie Paulla, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2013

CRC ITHB gave me a lot of things when preparing for an interview, how to make a good CV, communication skills, and much more

Stefi I. Tehupeiory, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2012

ITHB sharpens my professional skills and equips me with important skills and values for my career

Karishma Chopra, BBus (hons).

Business Entrepreneurship, 2012

I feel ITHB is a comfortable environment to grow as a global calibre person

Grace Natalia, ST.

Computer Engineering, 2012

I’m proud and grateful to graduate from ITHB Computer Engineering. The organizational activities with my student association really prepare me with the necessary professional skills

Nicky Ryan Tatumpe, BBus

Business Entrepreneurship, 2012

ITHB is amazing. The lecturers, staffs and friends really encouraged me to reach my dream

Mellysa Rosallina, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2011

Thanks to ITHB who has trained me very well. I believe Iam ready to face global competition

Michael Tobing, ST.

Informatics Engineering, 2011

I am proud to study at ITHB. The education process is of high quality. I also managed to qualify for international certification with SAP which propels me into the consulting industry with one the biggest national consulting company

Rusna, ST.

Information System, 2010

ITHB programs helped me to gain more confidence and secure a position in one of the biggest national company even before I graduated

Aaron Wibowo, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2009

Career Resource Center programs helped to become a high calibre professional

Alfonz Jan Fritzh.

Advance Diploma IT
ITHB IP,2010

ITHB International Program provides me with a lot of new experience to learn extensivley, intensively, and effectively by ‘learning by doing’ method

Deni Nugraha, ST.

Electrical Engineering, 2009

I am now work at ZTE. With projects in more than 60 countries, ZTE provides me with global opportunity to work with world class telco professionals

Hady Kurniawan, ST.

Informatics Engineering, 2009

In ITHB, there are many opportunities to get involved in various IT projects. These experiences helped to secure a position at PT. MGTH, even before I graduated

Ivan Limanjaya, S.Ds

Visual Communication Design, 2009

After an internship experience in Artek and Partners, I was directly recruited as an Art Director

John Johan Theodoricus, ST.

Informatics Engineering, 2008

Studying at ITHB really helped me to jump start my career in Accenture Malaysia

Renata E. Amiman, ST.

Information System, 2008

ITHB instills Harapan Bangsa character in me which enables me to be a light in the marketplace

Hendy Winata, ST.

Information System, 2008

CRC programs opened the opportunity for me to start my career at PT. HM Sampoerna

Victor S.E. Rumengan, ST.

Informatics Engineering, 2008

The lecturers at ITHB really create good impresions to me. They are very helpful, especially with CRC programs which boost my confidence to start my career in the consulting world

Andar Suroso Sitohang, ST.

Informatics Engineering, 2007

After ITHB, I managed to work at PT. Telkomsel where I am trusted to handle data storage management for the whole Indonesia

Lily Yanti, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2007

ITHB gave me a qualified education curriculum which lays the foundation for me to pursue my graduate deegre at National Taiwan University

Sofi Romanti, ST

Industrial Engineering, 2007

Because of intensive program of SAP certification brought by ITHB’s Career Resource Center, I got the opportunity to continue my education at National Taiwan University

Cindy Kristina Himawan, ST.

Information System, 2006

Equipped with SAP certification from ITHB, I had the opportunity to work across many countries in the world, such as Vietnam, Brazil, Malaysia, and many more in various SAP projects

Erick Dacu, ST.

Industrial Engineering, 2006

Working as a developer for the best IT consulting company is truly rewarding. Thanks to CRC trainings which prepared me with the necessary skills, work ethic, and professional certifications