Admission stages:

  1. Initial registration
  2. Registration confirmation
  1. Create a user account by clicking the ”create new account” button on the ITHB Online Registration. Carefully record your user name and password for future reference as they will be used several times in the registration process.
  2. Transfer the registration fee of Rp. 250.000 to: BCA account number 777 030 9896 (Yayasan Petra Harapan Bangsa). You can make payment using one of the following methods:
    • Teller/ATM. Send the deposit slip that clearly states your name, username, and phone number, email to to expedite your payment confirmation. You still need to send the original slip along with other registration documents (see step 3).
    • M-banking (mobile banking). Send the applicant’s full name and proof of transfer via SMS to 081214051772.
    • Internet Banking. Send the proof of transaction via e-mail to by stating the following in the subject of the e-mail: Payment Form from (applicant’s full name).
  3. Send your deposit slip to the Admission Counselor via email to validate the on-line registration. Don’t forget to write the updated phone number.
  4. After payment has been confirmed, please Login to ITHB Admission Online. Fill the whole data which requested. The system will generate your registration number (PMB19W- xxxx) that will be used for academic verification .
  5. Fulfill the questionaire at the back page of the form.
  6. Send these following documents to New Student Enrollment Secretariat – ITHB Admission Counselor, Jl. Dipati Ukur 80-84 Bandung, 40132 and state your PMB number on the envelope :
    • A photocopy of legalized school report of year X, XI.
    • JPA Form signed by The School Headmaster (JPA track only).
    • (one) photocopy of Identification Card (KTP/SIM)
    • (one) photocopy of Birth Certificate and KK
    • For DKV and FAD applicants, 2 drawings on A3 paper shall be attached, using HB, 2B, or 3 B type of pencil in A3 paper; with 2 different themes. Please contact your admission counselor for this year’s detailed drawing task.
  7. Our academic team will immediately evaluate your application and make decision with regard to your placement within one week.
  8. You can see your placement result by logging-in to ITHB Online Registration and select “Hasil Seleksi” from the main menu. Admitted students should receive admission kit by mail (containing details on registration confirmation, joining and tuition fees) and phone/SMS confirmation.

All applicants, including those applying through JPA, who have been admitted in one of our programs must confirm their enrollment through the following procedures :

  1. Make payment for the entire joining/tuition fees applicable for new students as indicated in the admission kit to :
    Bank’s Name:BCA Bank Virtual Account
    Account Number:
    00162+academic year(xx)+xxxx (the last 4 digits is your PMB No.)
    E.g. if your Registration No is 19W-0123, academic year 2019 then your account number is 00162190123
  2. Submit the following documents to our admission counselor (Jl. Dipati Ukur 80-84 Bandung, 40132) :
    1. 1 (one) photocopy of payment slip of New Student Enrollment Fees
    2. 1 (one) photocopy of Identification Card (KTP/SIM)
    3. 1 (one) photocopy of Birth Certificate
    4. 1 (one) photocopy of your legalized High School Diploma (Ijazah) and NEM
    5. 1 (one) photocopy of legalized SKHUN (National Exam Result Certificate)
    6. 1 (one) recent 4×6 cm color passport photo
  3. Finally, you need to complete the following requirements :
    1. Parents’s Statement, indicating agreement with our basic regulations and norms (form will be provided by Admission Counselor)
    2. Outbond Statement, indicating voluntary participation and permit from parent to join our outbound program
    3. Drug Test
    4. Color Blind Test (for DKV only)
      Drug Test and Color Blind Test can be taken at ITHB on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 09:00-11:00 WIB (except on national holiday)