ITHB Career Resource Center (CRC) is a lifetime partner for our students and graduates that helps them plan and prepare for their careers.
It gets them started
CRC programs get the students started by assisting them in defining their career goals and career paths, writing their resumes according to international standards, and preparing for interviews.
It keeps them going
On a regular basis, CRC conducts industry forums with well known business leaders as speakers and on-campus/off-campus recruitments by best companies that significantly help our students understand and prepare themselves to meet industry expectations.
It takes them further
CRC opens up global career opportunities for our students and alumni by offering international professional certifications and advices on graduate study.
ITHB Career Resource Center provides two kinds of services for our students and alumni :
Training Programs and Industrial Relations

Training Programs

Practical Training Programs

Practical Computer Skills
International IT Professional Certifications
Communication Skills

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Achievement Motivation Training
Leadership Training Program
Entrepreneurship Training Program

Career Planning

Professional Resume Writing
Interviewing Skills

Industrial Relations

On and Off Campus Recruitments

Resume Books (compilation of recommended student resumes distributed to our partner employers)

Industry Forums and Studium Generales

Company Information and Receptions