Greetings to all students.

Let’s face it. Science and faith are often mistakenly thought to be diametrical. But that is simply not true.

Despite their vital roles in modern living, science and technology are and will always be limited. Sadly, some people choose to believe as if answers to biggest (if not all) questions in life would be found through scientific rigor and human efforts.

But, fortunately that is not the only option.

Here at ITHB, we believe that true success, happiness, joy, peace and meaning can only be found by those who fully utilize their intellectual capacity, continually develop in character, and most importantly are aware of and care for their spiritual being and well-being by responding to God’s love and grace.

These people will be able to accomplish the ultimate quest in life, which is to fulfill the Creator’s purpose and mission in their life.

“In the end, it’s never about us. It’s about God” (Rick Warren).

“I place no value on anything I have or posses except in relation to the Kingdom of God” (David Livingstone).

It’s a privilege for us to provide you with opportunities where you can grow not only in competence and character but also spiritually. We pray that you will have a changed life in Christ and able to become His faithful steward in every aspect of your life.

Many students make the most important decision in their lives by positively responding to God’s grace and accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior while in college. That allows them to build not only successful careers and families, but also meaningful lives in the light of eternity. However, as they graduate, they often find strong headwinds and difficulties keeping, practicing, and sharing their faith.

Therefore, we encourage you to take active participation in many spiritual activities in the campus that will help you grow as a Christian disciple. Here are three things we would like you to try:

First, we encourage you to start and deepen your relationship with God. You will find many activities in ITHB: Morning Power, Student Fellowship, Care Group, Outreach, Christian Religion Course, and Counseling, that will nurture your spiritual root. You can also find sample Christian resources to learn from.

 Second, we encourage you to practice your faith through your works in your daily life.

Join our ministry and let us grow together in Christ.
Blessings, ITHB Spiritual Growth Team


Outreach is a set of activities that fosters friendships between existing and new students. We recognize that many new students need some help in their transition into a higher education system and possibly independence from families who live in other cities. Harapan Bangsa ‘big brothers and sisters’ are going to be buddies and friends for the new students in this critical transition period. They will spend their valuable time to make sure that the new students join the right community, one that consists of people who genuinely cares and prays for them and who wishes that they would also enjoy God’s grace and find His purpose for their lives.
ITHB organises student fellowship every Friday, at 11.00-12.30, in the Assembly Hall. We invite preachers from various denominations who share different topics in the Word of God that give answers to various spiritual challenges faced by students. This is also a very good opportunity for many to get to know students from different departments. We also invite students to take part in the fellowship ministry as musicians, singers, worship leaders, as well as administrators.
In a care group, a student will regularly meet with five to ten new friends who care for each other and agree to learn together to grow in Christ-like character, while preparing themselves for their ultimate mission: to become the witness of Christ in the marketplace. ITHB has developed special learning material (I am a Difference Maker) to be used in care group sessions that will span for 6 semesters and, slightly different than typical discipleship program, focus more on the post-graduation mission in the marketplace
Study the Bible and English conversation at the same time! This bible class is delivered in English by a native speaker. Students will learn God’s Word, guided by a very experienced teacher, and at the same time given the opportunity to share what they have learned so far, in English.
A 30 minutes morning session everyday to start the day with guidance and power from the holy place. This session is open for everyone in the campus, students, lecturers, and staff alike, who long for His direction everyday.
We realize that during a 4-year study at ITHB, one may encounter personal problems that can hinder him/her from successfully accomplishing the study on time. To help students move on and work through the problems, students are welcome to contact our counselors, who will be there for them to listen, provide biblical counsels and pray together. Our counselors’ office is located at the Counseling Room, Basement 1, Building 1.