ITHB encourages students to expand their learning experience, enhance organizational skills, and pursue their passion for sports and arts through various interest groups.


Harapan Bangsa Choir (HBC) is a group of students who share their joy by singing in a choral group, are proud to be the ambassadors of Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa, and aspire to become the witnesses and servants of God in the world.

HBC recently  won a prestigious position as runner-up of the 2016 Bandung Choral Society Easter Choir Festival.  HBC also won the Gold Diploma, which marks the highest achievement in the Mixed Choir category

HBC’s regular training sessions develop its member’s individual talents, group singing skills, facilitate friendship, and enhance member’s organizational and leadership skills. HBC also has routine perfomance at various formal events at ITHB, such as: New Student Orientation Program (NSOP), Senate Assembly, Graduation Ceremony, Easter and Christmas celebrations.


With the vision to achieve the first position in LIBAMA (Indonesian Student Basketball League), the mission to give maximum efforts in every match, and motto ’To God be the Glory’, ITHB Basketball Club has achieved outstanding accomplishments since its inception in 2007:

  • 1st Position men & women in Parahyangan Sports Combat, April 2017, Unpar, Bandung
  • 1st Position men & women in Ganesha Basketball Championship, March 2017, ITB, Bandung
  • 1st Position in Battle of Campus, October 2016, Bandung
  • 1st Position in Parahyangan Sports Combat, April 2016, Unpar, Bandung
  • 1st Position in Liga Mahasiswa (LIMA) West Java Conference 2015/2016
  • 1st Position in Battle of Campus, October 2015, Bandung
  • 3rd Position in Liga Merah Maroon, March 2015, Universitas Bakrie, Jakarta
  • 1st Position in Global Hoops Tournament, February 2015, Bandung
  • 2nd Position in Liga Mahasiswa (LIMA) National 2014/2015
  • 1st Position in Liga Mahasiswa (LIMA) West Java Conference 2014/2015
  • 3rd Position in ABASCHAMP, August 2014, Unika Atmajaya, Jakarta
  • 1st position in LIMA 2013 (National College Basketball Competition)
  • Participation in Super Kung Sheung Cup (International College Basketball Tournament) 2013 in Hongkong
  • 1st position in LIBAMANAS 2012 (National College Basketball Competition)
  • 1st position in Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON) 2012 (Core members of West Java Team)
  • 2nd position in ASEAN University Games 2012, Laos (Core members of Indonesian National Team)
  • 1st position in Bandung City Perbasi Cup in February 2011
  • 1st position in Unpar Cup in January 2011
  • 2nd position in 2011 Campus League Bandung Region
  • 2nd position in 2010 National Libama
  • Host of National Basketball Coach and Player Clinic in 2010, cooperation with ‘Athletes in Action’

FRAME is a student activity unit for photography enthusiasts who frequently conduct photo hunting, training, workshops, and casual sharing among its members.

Several activities previously held by Frame include:

  • Model photography and photo hunting at Dago Pakar
  • Photography Clinic and Workshop in cooperation with Datascrip (Canon),
  • Jonas Photo, Apple distributor, and Mr Aryono Huboyo (Nationally recognized senior photographer)
  • Studio Lighting and Digital Imaging with Angin Photo Course
  • Harapan Bangsa National Photography Annual Workshop and Competition


Student English Forum (SEF) is a unit whose purpose is to make learning English interesting and fun for every student. Various activities have been conducted by SEF to enhance English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills while strengthening friendship among students. Some of the activities allow direct interactions with native speakers and are framed in a safe and informal environment such that all members are encouraged to actively and freely express their ideas in English.

To date, SEF has participated in several national and international events, such as Singapore Debate Open (SDO) in 2010 & 2011, National University English Debate Competition (NUEDC) in 2011, and International Public Speaking and Debate Competition at London School of Public Relation in 2010. International Languages and Culture Festival at Telkom University in September 2014. SEF also has successfully held public speaking competition and the annual ‘English Day’ at ITHB since 2011. SEF held the first Harapan Bangsa Scrabble Competition for Harapan Bangsa Students in November 2014. Recently SEF won the 3rd position in Story Telling Competition, International Language and Cultural Festival, Telkom University, September 30th 2016, Bandung


The newly created Harapan Bangsa Developer Team is an interest group focus on making an application and also competing in competition such as business competition, web developer, mobile application.

  • Harapan Bangsa Developer Team with team name “Pasoepati Guardian” won the 3rd position in Discovery 2015 a competition with theme “Smart City” for software designed in March 2015, Jember held by Universitas Negeri Jember.
  • Harapan Bangsa Developer Team won the 3rd position in mobile/desktop Education Applications, Unity 2015, Mei 2015.
  • Harapan Bangsa Developer Team won the 1st place in Aceh Investapp, Government Category, Aceh Mobile Application Competition 2015, 15-17 of October 2015.
  • Harapan Bangsa Developer Team won the 3rd position in MAGE (Multimedia and Game Event) 2016 a competition for software designed in March 2016, Surabaya held by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November.

Harapan Bangsa Leadership Forum aim to produce a leader who make a difference. Harapan Bangsa Leadership Forum held an weekly meeting to discuss and also held a workshop about leadership.

Some of Harapan Bangsa Leadership Forum activities :

Workshop Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA), April 2016, Kampus Harapan Bangsa