The neverending transformation

Michael Arga Yudika Tobing, ST

Being part of a successful class of 2011, Mike was preparing to see the world with the horizon set as his limit. With an outstanding record in his tertiary studies under his belt, only a matter of time before the young bloke burst out in which ever career path he chooses. Somehow, one of the classic jinxes that shadows over every fresh graduates, which is the harsh challenge of securing a new job, at some stages also put him under some pressures. But the never ending commitment of ITHB that always prepare its student to the ultimate best, Mikey also felt treated the same. The SAP certification provided by the university, put Mike on the driving seat which at the end secured him a fancy job at one of the best and biggest IT consultant company in Indonesia.

“It was all started out as Consultant Finance & Controlling SAP at the company and I have to admit that SAP certification has paved the way for me to launch my professional career. Perhaps I am a bit too prejudice but yeah, the fact that is quite tough to find a dream job for a fresh graduate like me was so real. It was as clear as a nose in someone’s face -a nightmare for many university graduates-. Having a degree doesn’t automatically put you behind office desk. But again, I must say that it is a huge blessing to have graduated from the best university like ITHB. With a hard work, it gives all graduates the same equal dream start. You feel secured when forcing your way into the real world of market place,” said Mike.

About two years Mike worked and involved within the world of consulting SAP and its implementations in various industrial sectors such as oil & gas, mining, food & beverage, as well as at the biggest state owned banking companies. But despite having a good time with his job, Mike felt something was not quite right. Things were not really falling into place for him. His passion in the marketing world, kept on bothering his mind. He was thinking he might have made a wrong move. For him it was like being a square peg in a round hole.

“I wasn’t comfortable but for me there is no use crying over spilled milk. I believe God always in control. What I thought wrong is not always wrong seen in God’s perspective. I kept that in my heart. There was nothing that could be done and all I could do was kept my fingers crossed. Until one day the door swung open for me. My General Manager offered ne a new position as a Business Development Manager Sales Division.”

Life treated Mike very nice.

“I was over the moon. God is good to me. At the beginning it was really a mix feeling. Excited but also worried. Thousands of butterflies flying in my stomach. Can I do the job? Was it the right time to move on?”

Despite many questions that hovering on his mind, Mike started to sense victory. At the end of the day, he jumped straight on to the new challenge.

“Soon I was confronted with a huge task and that was too winning bidding for a mega project at coral mining company located in Borneo Indonesia. We were pursuing to secure an IT project within that company. I was a rookie and all of my competitors were known as the juggernauts. Convincing the board of directors to secure a project with us -PT. Equine Global-, to me would be hell of a task. There were “tricks, pushing and shoving” involved in the process and I had to stand my ground which is the principle of doing business in the right way,” recalled Mike.

After giving all the best he had, keep digging out, going extra miles, his company was declared as the winner. They hit the post by edging out some huge and much more experience companies. Mike surrendered everything to the same God who starred the single stone from David’ slingshot straight onto Goliath’s forehead. And the young Mike created history for his short stint as a BDM at the company. Later on he created another monumental achievement by achieving the company one year revenue target within four months of his leadership as business development manager.