Term Of Service and Privacy Policy MyITHB APPS

Institute Technology Harapan Bangsa (ITHB) provides MyITHB Apps with the aim of providing convenience for students and parents in accessing ITHB Academic Information System. This page is used to inform students and parents about our policies in using MyITHB Apps.

  1. MyITHB Apps is officially owned by ITHB.

  2. MyITHB Apps may not be used for illegal activities.

  3. MyITHB Apps is intended for all ITHB students and parents, and not for general use.

  4. MyITHB Apps adopts the ITHB Academic Information System web version with the aim that ITHB students and parents can access the Academic Information System easily and quickly. Students and parents can access such as:
    – FRS, PRS
    – Jadwal Kuliah, Jadwal Ujian
    – Absensi QR
    – Nilai
    – Keuangan
    – Feedback & Kotak Saran
    – Payment gateway (next feature)

  5. MyITHB Apps is available for Android min version 4.4 and IOS min version 9.0.

  6. ITHB is not responsible for losses due to misuse of MyITHB Apps or notification of user names and passwords to other parties by students and parents.

  7. Students or parents need a credential (username & password) to log in to MyITHB App. We have provided on the first Semester via email and sms.
  8. Students or parents who experience problems when using  MyITHB Apps are welcome to contact ITHB IT Division on office hour from 8.00 to 17.00 or through the SIA suggestion box.
  9. ITHB will keep your data save on our Servers and we will not share, exchange, or sell any other personal information to third parties. ITHB use SSL Certification for API Server & Database Server.
  10. Each downloader of MyITHB Apps must comply with Institutional regulations.