Think of the end game: a bright future!

Marlin Joice Lalumedja, S.T.

For a brief moment, my brain rushed back to the day I was sitting as one of the participants of the New Student Orientation Program in 2010, before pulling myself together to find I was among all of the graduating ITHB students on the commencement day. I am still exactly the same person, yet so different in the way of thinking, self-confidence, courage and maturity.

I remembered a gift bookmark from ITHB from my high school days with a verse from the Bible on it saying, “Surely there is a future and your hope will not be cut off.”  It is a very powerful promise indeed. Knowing that it is now being applied to my life is absolutely a thrill.  Nothing could have been better than graduating with an outstanding mark and believing that a bright future was definitely strapped under my belt. Many people have plenty on their hands but no assurance in their hearts. But I have both, not because of who I am or what I have done, but because of the truth that I received by faith.

The spiritual strength did have a noticeable impact in my life. My confidence grew during my days as an ITHB ambassador to promote the university across cities in Indonesia. At the same time, I became more mature during my office as the chairwoman for the ITHB IT Student Association, whose members were mostly male.

Without realizing it, I have changed my mind set and paradigm. That is very crucial. Instead of focusing on my past or current situation or limitations, I have learned to be future- and goal-oriented and to be optimistic about the possibilities that abound. This important attitude was often shared by Dr. Bersih Tarigan, the Chairman of Petra Foundation, an institution that runs ITHB. He certainly has brain washed me. I remember him saying, ‘Here are five keys to success: goal, goal, goal, goal and goal!’

Another achievement that boosted my self-confidence during my college days was being crowned in the 2013 Putra Putri Harapan Bangsa. At first, I never felt that I deserved such a prestigious reward, but when I understood that ITHB was preparing its graduates to become “Hope for the Nation”. My thinking and attitude were gradually changed. I came to understand that God has granted me all that it takes to become a transformation agent who brings positive changes for myself and those around me.

That day, on ITHB commencement day, my colleagues and I who were graduating in the year 2014, embarked on a new journey and we look forward to a great career and future.

Not very long after that special day, I got hired by a Jakarta based company with an outstanding nationwide reputation, PT. Berca Hardaya Perkasa. I was recruited as a functional consultant for an information technology product called Oracle JD. It is just a great step before undertaking my post degree in the coming years. Embracing the real world of the market place, I am now facing many challenges and difficulties. However I have nothing to worry about as the faith has grown in me. I am now enjoying the ride, bowling along on the right track and learning as much as I can.

And as long as I walk toward my primary purpose, which is to bring hope to the world, I know that I am never alone. God is always with me. He is also with all other Harapan Bangsa graduates who are walking with me on the same journey.