Yosephine: A “Queen” Who Sees Opportunity As A Golden Pathway

Yosephine Ryana

 Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. -1 Timothy 4:12-

There is nothing special being a second year Information System student, as many other people would have done the same or even go one better than what I have been achieving today. But somehow, everyone is destined to draw a line of their own life and decide how long would they be able to strecth their “life, career, family”, all wrapped up in what I call as a success line.

As a young girl, I always try to put everything in perspective. Giving thanks to what I have and what I own, without any hesitations to see all things as blessings. For me, I would be walk away as happy and lively girl, even if I only got a penny in my pocket. No problemo.

Seeing a modesty and simplicity as a way of life and able to give thanks out ot it, in fact is an open door of opportunity for me.

Then out of the blue, poppes up the phrase of Putra Putri Harapan Bangsa.

People would have different opinion to that event and I dont see any problems with every thought they might have in mind. For me, it is a very prestigious event that will draw only the best and the very best to compete. Those who are blessed with the crown, will be choosen as a university ambassador.

Yes, the stake is high, but also so handsome in return: University Icon.

It may well be a dream for every Harapan Bangsa students, and myself is a no exception as well. As a lay back person, it never came across into my mind that I will be honoured to represent Information System in such an event. As far as I concern, I am not a kind of person with boldness or braveness. Sometimes I dont have enough confidence in life. But yeah, perhaps, this is what I called as opportunity. At the end of the day, I decided not to burn my boat.

At first, I don’t have any ideas what to do. I wasn’t confidence enough. I was so hesitated, whether to go or pull the plug and throw the withe towel. But I then choose the otherwise.

Coming to the event, I was transformed and becoming more and more available. I tried to open my self to any opportunities and looking at it as stepping stone to move forward. Clearly, I was stepping out of my comfort zone.

First step is always difficult and I proved it. But it was that first very crucial step that carried me through to the next phase called process, which in turn, will bring me to the bigger capacity and a new dimension in my young life.

Becoming Putri Harapan Bangsa is really an icing on the cake. The most important things is how I started the journey, beat my own self and moved forward to the post line. I was stripped off my weakness point, but making a very positive progress which has shapped me to a much better person. I had two choices: take it or leave it.

I took it.

All credits must be addressed back to the Lord God, who has guided me from the day one through the end of everything when I was standing on the platform being crowned as

Putri Harapan Bangsa. I learnt to trust and rest in God’s perfect way and plan. There, I found everything that I need to achieve what I have achieved now.

17 April 2015 is the day I will never ever forget. Standing in the presence of all the top flights of ITHB as well as the students, I found myself as Putri Harapan Bangsa 2015. I would have never achieved this if God is not with me. I believe that. I am nothing, but He is everything. I am ordinary but He is extraordinary.

I can do everything through Christ who strengtenth me. That’s it.

To me, this is a responsibility that must be carried on for the rest of my life. Being a student will come to its end, on the day I graduate. But the status of Putri Harapan Bangsa, will never fade. It will last forever. Of course many Putri Harapan Bangsa will rise next year, and all the years to come. But once I got that honourable predicate, it will surely attached to myself forever. And I determine to live up to that reputations.

Complete result: Putra Putri Harapan Bangsa 2015

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